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#1 December 17, 2013 19:46

Doritos Offline
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What i got out of the Q&A...

I haven't rewatched, but from what i remember, this is what i got from the Q&A.

- A mini gameplay showed the Siege Tank ingame, although it looks out of place compared to other heroes...It looks awesome ^^.
- In that clip i also saw a new/redone UI, looks more polished.
- Expect to see some gameplay videos soon from interenal matches.
- Thrall confirmed (drops totems ;D, awesome).
- CBT still doesn't look close.
- Lost Vikings heroes being developed, but isn't 100% confirmed.
- If you leave/dc in a match you get nothing out of it, if you keep doing it, you might get penalized.
- HotS will also be coming out to Mac users.
- The talent system seems to be bigger than we thought, you pick like 3 skills out of 10 and bring these 3 options into the game...this for just one level tier.

Of course i wanted to see more gameplay footage, but i wasn't expecting it, after all its a Q and A, but at least i think we got some little information out of it, for the 1st Q&A it was alright...Hopefuly they can go deeper in a 2nd Q&A, plus start releasing these alpha gameplay videos.

You can watch/rewatch the whole thing here .

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#2 December 17, 2013 19:55

Krunk Offline
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Re: What i got out of the Q&A...

Well at least now I can actually see the whole thing, BRB.

My life for Auir.

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