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[Power Shard] This will turn out as an icon or spell when you submit the guide.
[b]this will be bold[/b] Which looks like this
[h3]this will be big[/h3]


[h2]this will be big[/h2]


[h1]this will be big[/h1]


[red]this will be red[/red] This works with red, blue, green, yellow, brown, orange.
[img=] This is will show your image. (http:// is important),
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When you submit your guide, it will be sent for validation.

Be sure to write down and remember your Edit Password. With this you can edit your guide anywhere, and you don't even have to register.

If you leave a box empty, it will not be included.

Feel free to shape your guide in any way you want, you do not have to use the "box-system".
You can create your own titles in one box by using for example:

If your guide is incomplete and you don't want it approved just yet, simply add !incomplete at the end of the title. Good luck!

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