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Rocket Barrage

Target direction to launch a rocket that deals 75/100/125/150 Magic damage to the first enemy hit. Has 2 charges.
On Double Activation, targets closest visible enemy hero within 600 range.

Yak Attack

Target location to deal 90/120/150/180 Magic damage and apply a 16/24/32/40% Movement Speed slow for 4 seconds.
Casttime 0.75s. Travels at 1000 speed.

Ring of Fire

Cast a ring of fire around you that deals 25/35/45/55 Magic damage per second to enemies who stand in it. Lasts 5s.
Your spells and attacks that pass through the fire will deal 10/15/20/25% extra damage.

Imminent Boom

Fires an accelerating homing missile at an enemy. If the missile hits the enemy within 5 seconds, the missile will deal 150/200/250 Magic damage and Stun for 1.2/1.6/2 seconds.
Initial speed 185, and has acceleration 200.

Rockets and stuff
Para Bellllum
January 9, 2014
Solo Carter
March 30, 2014