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Cyber Stalk

Target unit to dash behind it, dealing 30/45/60/75 Magic damage and gaining 12/18/24/30 Attack Speed and 15 movement speed for 6 seconds. Has 2 charges.

Hunter's Strike

Target enemy to deal 85/120/155/190 Magic damage and apply a 24/32/40/48% tapering slow for 3 seconds.
On Double Activation target the closest enemy hero within 700 range.

Shield of Vorbis

Passively grants a stacking shield equal to 3.6/5.4/7.2/9% of your Max HP on ability use. Shield lasts 4 seconds.

Impaling Sting

Target enemy to deal 150/200/250 Magic damage. Deals +50% bonus damage if behind the target.
On Double Activation, target the closest visible enemy hero within 600 range.