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Target enemy to deal 75/97/115/135 Magic damage.
Consecutive zaps on the same target deal 25% Bonus Damage per charge. Each charge lasts 6s. Max 3 charges.
On double activation, chases after and targets the closest visible enemy hero within 550/600/650/700 range.

Ball Lightning

Target direction to deal 85/115/145/175 Magic damage to enemies along the path. Restores 50 Mana to Moxie for each enemy hero hit, and 10 for non-heroes.
On double activation, homing toward the closest visible enemy hero within range.

Astral Winds

Passively increases all magic damage by 3/7/11/15% and provides a tapering 150/185/220/255 speed boost over 2s each time you cast an ability.


Target area. After a 0.8s delay, deals 150/200/250 Magic damage and applies a 60% Movement Slow.
Enemies near the center take an additional 75/100/125 damage and bonus slow.
Sight lingers for another 2s.