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Swarm Shot

Target direction to fire missiles, which deal up to 95/130/165/200 Magic damage and apply up to 24/36/40/48% Movement Speed Slow.
On double activation, auto targets the nearest visible enemy heroes in 600 radius.

Vorbis Seekers

Activate to damage three nearby enemies for 130/180/230/280 Magic damage over 6 seconds.

Anti-Matter Shield

Target ally to cleanse all stuns/slows and grant a 200/265/335/400 shield that provides 50% resistance to stuns/slows for 2 seconds.
On double activation, chases and casts on closest ally heroes within 750 radius.

Orbital Drop

Target position to teleport, dealing 150/250 Magic damage and stunning for 1 second.

Vex Video Guide + Theorycrafting
February 4, 2014